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Not happy with your career?  Frustrated?  Underpaid?  Pushing yourself to be someone you’re not? It really is possible to live the life you dream of, create more time, and have more fun doing what you love to do. The Career-Direct Assessment is a quick and easy online assessment tool that provides the basis for our in-depth consultation. People who complete this discovery process say “NO!” with greater ease and a lot less guilt so that they can say “YES!” to their best. This doesn’t mean you have to change jobs either. When you’re happy at work, you’re happier in all aspects of your life. You really can find a way to enjoy work and increase your earning potential. You don’t have to be somebody you’re not.  This process will validate your strengths and talents and you will discover how you can thrive doing what you enjoy most!


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Opportunity Knox Network’s proprietary consultation process brings clarity to your life’s inspired mission. Stacy Knox uses her strengths of relationship building and creative problem solving to be useful to people just like you who are tired of feeling worn-down and frustrated.  There is hope. It really is possible to make more money and reduce stress in the marketplace and at home. The more you can relate your activities to areas that excite you, the more likely you are to be successful in finding meaning in your life, and a career path that fits you.  In addition to being a Certified Career Direct Coach through Crown Financial Ministries, Stacy holds a Masters Degree in Counseling from the University of Dayton and is a Licensed Professional Counselor licensed by the State of Ohio Counselor, Social Worker, and Marriage and Family Therapist Board

Steps to Thriving, not just Surviving:

Tired of dreading Mondays?


Free Initial Consultation

The first step is to know there is hope.  Let’s talk so that you can get to know me and I can get to know you, your frustrations, and your dreams and goals.


Take the Assessment

The Career-Direct Assessment is a 550 question online assessment that takes about an hour to complete.  Stacy will email you a link to get started after you have paid for your consultation service.



Schedule your consultation. This can be done via Skype or face to face at our office in Medina, Ohio.  This fun and insightful process is most effective when you invite a special person to join you, to listen and encourage you as you pursue your dreams.


Living Your Best:

Review your summary highlights daily.  Share your dreams with people who care about you.  Follow-up with us.  (Strong, healthy trees thrive when they are watered and fed regularly.  Your dreams deserve the same kind of attention.)

Personalized Services:

Tailored for Your Family: Students, Parents, Executives, and Retirees

Collegiate Consultation $247

It’s normal to have no idea what you want to do with the rest of your life!  The assessment will give you viable options to consider based on things you enjoy doing.  When you focus all of your attention on what you’re good at, you’ll want to invest the effort into your school work.   Your career path will align with your natural talents and interests.  Then, you can live the life you want and feel more confident in your future successes.  Not only does this equip you to make informed decisions, but it can also bring you and family closer as you start your journey towards financial independence.  For students under 18 years of age, a parent’s participation is required.



Executive Consultation $397

Highly successful people invest time and attention into their personal and professional development.  The Executive Consultation will use the Career Direct Assessment to clarify your “sweet spot.”  In other words, what do you and only you do best and what should you delegate to others because they are skilled in the areas that compliment yours?  This creates a win-win momentum and empowers you to be at your very best.  You’ll know you are in your sweet spot because you will feel happier and more confident. This process will equip you to optimize your career decisions and achieve balance in your life, giving you more time to living a life that matters, on the path towards significance. It is highly encouraged to have someone special with you during this discovery process.



Purpose Consultation $197/person

Your Career Direct Assessment summary will highlight your top personality strengths.  Confirming how you instinctively think, act and react will free you to pursue your dreams, remove roadblocks, and enable you to relate to people more harmoniously. This is useful in clarifying your interests and natural abilities so that you can invest your time and energy on who and what is most important in your life. The Purpose Consultation is ideal for anyone seeking greater self-awareness including ministry-focused team members and husbands and wives who would like to know how to support their best friend on a deeper level.   

Career Consultation Family Discount Package:

The Career-Direct Assessment and Consultation process offers added value to families, in addition to gaining clarity on career decisions.  People say that it deepens relationships, opens doors of communication, and promotes greater harmony within families.  When a student and an executive consultation service are purchased together, a Purpose Consultation is offered free of charge to a family member.  When a family purchases 2 or more consultation services at full price, a 50% discount will apply to one additional family member’s consultation within the same household.

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What People are Saying…..

We used the service for our daughter graduating from high school and it was so beneficial. Stacy is extremely professional and encouraging! Would highly recommend her services!
Greg and Amy
I loved working through the Career Direct Assessment with Stacy. She was so helpful in explaining the results and helping me to understand the things that are my natural skills. The results made me understand my personality and helped me identify and understand the things that I need to do and/or be around in order to be my best self! I would definitely recommend this to everyone! If you are married- you should both take it. My husband and I were able to understand each other more because of our results and it enabled us to communicate better as well as divide household and parenting duties according to our natural skills. Thanks so much, Stacy!
As an experienced Career Direct consultant who personally trained and has overseen Stacy’s CD development, I am so excited for the clients that get to engage with Stacy. Stacy has a heart to help people understand their design and work within their sphere of excellence. I’m proud to serve along side her!
Working with Stacy has been a huge blessing and honor over the past year. She helped me figure out what would best fit me based on my personality and skills. She is very experienced, caring and a joy. I would recommend Stacy to people looking to find out what they should do next in life, either after college or even when switching careers.

Opportunity Knox Network, LLC provides career assessment and consultations, either in person in Medina, Ohio or virtually, within the United States only.  Face to face counseling sessions are also available upon request in Medina, Ohio for individuals and families during career shifts and/or life transitions.