How Are You Wired for Success?


     It’s very normal to feel unsure as you think about your future.  You can replace doubt with clarity and plan your future with confidence. Opportunity Knox Network utilizes the Career Direct Assessment, an easy to take, detailed, and time-tested tool.  This process provides students with insights into how you are specifically hard-wired for success. 

    It really is possible to find a career path that excites you. Ask you parents how they chose their careers. Do they enjoy their work? People spend at least 1/2 of our lifetime earning a living. According to the American Psychological Association, 65% of all U.S. employees report that work is a major source of stress. That doesn’t have to be the case for you.  Clarifying your career path now can erase doubt and equip you to make informed decisions. When people are happy in their careers, they can also feel more successful in all aspects of life.



     I’ve been where you are. I invested a lot of time and money into my education and professional development. And, I had to guess at some really big decisions.
      I wanted my daughter’s career discovery process to be shorter and easier than mine, especially when she admitted having no idea what she wanted to do as a high school senior. This assessment got her excited about her future, and I gained peace of mind. Now, this tool is an integral component in the Opportunity Knox Network’s career guidance process. Click here to read how the Career Direct Assessment gave me validation and clarity in who I am and why I do what I do.
    I, Stacy Knox, am a wife, a mom, and the founder of Opportunity Knox Network, LLC. My daughter got through college on time and as planned, excited to start working in a career that she enjoys and will put a roof over her head.  In addition to being a Career Direct Consultant accredited by the International Coach Federation, I hold a Masters Degree in Education from the University of Dayton. I love seeing people enjoy their work!

Steps to Thriving, not just Surviving:

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”~Ben Franklin. 


Career Assessment

Select your consultation service below.  You can schedule and pay online. Then, you will receive a link to complete your career assessment via email. Please complete it at least 24 hours before we meet.   



We’ll meet to review your assessment summary, either virtually or face to face at our office in Medina, Ohio.  This fun and insightful process is most effective when you invite a special person to join you. 


Achieve Your Goals

Meaningful work is achievable with our time-tested, step by step, value-added career guidance process, tailored to meet your individual goals. 

Reach Your Greatest Potential

The following consultation services are available:

Career Consultation

Career Consultation ($397)
Highly successful people invest time and attention into their personal and professional development. These programs provide you with clarity on what’s working, what’s not, and why. The Career Consultation includes a 1 hour 500 question online assessment and a 90 minute personalized Zoom consultation with Stacy.  When decisions align with your greatest strengths, you will experience more energy and less stress.

College Success

Premium Package ($1497)
or We Can Design Your Own Program
College success begins by equipping you, the student, to choose a major that matches your interests and personality. You will feel more confident in making future plans and learn how to research different careers based on skill, education and salary. Parent’s participation is required for students under 18. With the Premium Package, you will receive individualized career guidance throughout your college experience.

Corporate Engagement

Employer: Click to Purchase ($485)
Employee: Click to Schedule


Ready to perform at your highest potential? Included in the Corporate Engagement is the Career Direct Assessment and consultation, with a concentration on individual alignment and synergy analysis. Special pricing for groups of 20 or more.

Career Guidance

What Do You Want to Accomplish Next?
  • Follow-Up after Consultation
  • Create an Action Plan
  • Interview Prep
  • Resume Consultation

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    What People are Saying…..

    We used the service for our daughter graduating from high school and it was so beneficial. Stacy is extremely professional and encouraging! Would highly recommend her services!
    Greg and Amy
    I loved working through the Career Direct Assessment with Stacy. She was so helpful in explaining the results and helping me to understand the things that are my natural skills. The results made me understand my personality and helped me identify and understand the things that I need to do and/or be around in order to be my best self! I would definitely recommend this to everyone! If you are married- you should both take it. My husband and I were able to understand each other more because of our results and it enabled us to communicate better as well as divide household and parenting duties according to our natural skills. Thanks so much, Stacy!
    As an experienced Career Direct consultant who personally trained and has overseen Stacy’s CD development, I am so excited for the clients that get to engage with Stacy. Stacy has a heart to help people understand their design and work within their sphere of excellence. I’m proud to serve along side her!
    Working with Stacy has been a huge blessing and honor over the past year. She helped me figure out what would best fit me based on my personality and skills. She is very experienced, caring and a joy. I would recommend Stacy to people looking to find out what they should do next in life, either after college or even when switching careers.

    Opportunity Knox Network, LLC provides career assessment and consultations, in Medina, Ohio or virtually, within the United States only.