A Real Success Story In the Making: Financial Coaching Is Minimizing College Debt for My Daughter

Recently, my daughter wrote a paper for a college composition class about career-decision making, living on a college student’s wages, and minimizing student loan debt.  This is all thanks to Amanda Sharratt, Financial Coach.  The investment we made into financial coaching for my daughter was a very small price to pay for such a HUGE return!  Here is what my daughter wrote:

As a young, inexperienced high school student, I enjoyed the fruits of my labor, spending some of the money I earned from my part-time job, on whatever I wanted at the time.  I saved some too, but I really did not understand how my frivolous spending would impact me later….  Because high school students have been dependent on our parents, most of us have not learned the importance of saving money, that is, until we get a big wake-up call as we enter college….  I knew that I had a designated college fund, and student loans existed.  I equated going to college with incurring a lot of student loan debt because everyone else did…….”

“Before I entered college, I sought out the advice of Amanda Sharratt, a financial coach.  According to Fastweb, “Obviously, saving is an important aspect of maintaining a healthy financial situation. The majority of students don’t prioritize this aspect as much as they should.” (Hoyt, 2018, para. 9).  Once I met with Amanda, my financial counselor, we devised a plan to make college affordable, which to me seemed impossible, but she made it sound easy.  This was shocking to me because according to her advice, if I worked x amount of hours with the pay that my job provides, I would be able to attend college and pay for most of it myself.  After graduation, instead of paying back loans, I could enjoy the financial freedom to save for retirement rather than be burdened with exporbanant school loan debt. Amanda also taught me that the earlier I started saving for retirement, the more time my money has to compound on itself.  Amanda taught me that it is better to dip into a savings account now, rather than have to pay off a loan later.  Accrued interest on the debt I would have owed would have carried me even further into debt by the time I finished my degree.”  

“I know what my financial coach told me before school, and after conducting own my research, I feel very grateful to Amanda and appreciate the knowledge that was given to me. I wish everyone had the access and availability to obtain the same knowledge I did.  My mom was the entire reason I had all of this knowledge and without her, I would not be nearly as well off as I am now. She found the importance in taking both the Career-Direct Assessment and meeting with a financial guide in order to aid in my success. Nobody deserves to be in debt when they have the potential not to be.”

My daughter, Riley and I both highly recommend Amanda Sharratt’s financial coaching services!







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