How to Help Your Teen Plan for College and Avoid Big Student Loan Debt

28% of first year college students either transfer schools, and risk losing credit for some classes, or they change their major at least once. That is because their life experiences are limited, and they may think they know what they want to study, but deep down inside, your teen is probably very uncertain of his/her future plans.

What to do?

It’s crucial for your teen to decide on a desired career path prior to selecting the college of choice. Many students go to school to “figure that out.” That may result in spending more time and money to obtain a bachelor’s degree, or they may graduate from college and still not know what they want to do.

Did you know that there are programs that offer college freshman and sophomore level general classes at a 45-50% discount? It really is possible for families to save money by planning ahead.

The most important step is for your son or daughter to take the Career Direct Assessment before he or she graduates from high school. The consultation that follows includes the student and parent(s). It’s fun and your support and encouragement will mean the world to your teen.

The assessment produces a 34 page detailed report identifying your son or daughter’s personality strengths, vocational interests, natural skills and values. Not one family that has gone through this process hasn’t found it to be extremely beneficial. It will help you and your teen to gain confidence in their future decision-making and planning.

Your son or daughter doesn’t have to incur outrageous amounts of student loan debt to succeed. For more information about the Career Direct Assessment and Consultation process, and how to save time and money on tuition, let’s talk. Click here to schedule a free initial phone meeting with Opportunity Knox Network

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