How To Have The Best Conversations With Your Spouse

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Remember when you first met the love of your life? Wasn’t it fun spending so much time talking and getting to know one another? Now that you’re married, the spark is still there, but there are so more many demands on your time and attention such as kids, careers, house, health and finances. The list could go on and go, right?

One sure-fire way to reconnect with your spouse is to make time to talk…….., not about the weather or about your child’s team schedule or about who’s doing the shopping this week. Making time to talk can bring a deeper level of understanding to one another’s needs.

For example, do you know what energizes your spouse? If she is an extrovert by nature, she feels at her best when she is with people. And, if she has been alone for any length of time, she will really be looking forward to spending time with you! If, however, you are an introvert, and you work in a noisy, busy cubicle all day long, you will need a quiet space and some down time alone to recharge before you’re fully refreshed and ready to converse with your wife.

A great conversation to have with your spouse is to talk about how you both naturally think, act and react. That way, understanding and acceptance can occur, rather than feeling drained or frustrated. Stress is inevitable when the extrovert makes plans in the spur of the moment, and the introvert has already been on the go all day long and comes home to a house full of people.

Look for a win-win where both spouses feel free to be themselves. That’s when your partner will be happiest (and so will you!). Extroverts look forward to inviting the guys over to watch football or to play cards. An introverted wife can help him clean up and prepare for the party, and then find a quiet room in the house to retreat to with a good book while he enjoys socializing with his friends without feeling guilty!

Understanding your personality similarities and differences will enhance your relationship. You’ll be able to have some great conversations about what you need and want from your partner, and how to be helpful in meeting your partner’s needs too.

Introverts and extroverts are very different in the way in which they relate to people. That can be particularly challenging when both spouses don’t really understand what the other needs. Both personality types can complement the other very well however. When husbands and wives understand themselves and one another’s innate ways of reacting and relating, great conversations can remove tension and make way for both spouses to find more enjoyment in their relationship.

Wondering how your personality strengths align with your spouse’s? The Career Direct Assessment and Consultation can be very beneficial to strengthen marriages. We can look at both spouses’ results in a joint session. Understanding your partner’s strengths and needs can equip you with useful insight to have some great conversations with your spouse! To schedule your consultation, click here:


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