How To Connect So That Your Dreams Come True

It’s very common for people to experience lows in their career. This can be caused from a variety of things. You can invest in all of the latest self-discovery books, tools, and assessments and learn a great deal about yourself, your strengths and your abilities. It may even shed some light on causes for your career low points. But, in order for you to do something different, you really need someone who’s on your side.

No matter what you are experiencing right now with regards to your career, it is important to connect with the right people to support you, encourage you and give you honest input when needed. A safe person is someone who cares enough to be genuine, transparent and honest with you. It’s someone that, no matter what you are going through, will be there for you to listen without judgment.

Who is a safe person? Ask yourself: who will ask me how I am doing…. especially during a transition… ? Who can I be myself around no matter what? Who do I know I can tell anything to and he/she will give me an honest opinion if I ask for it? Who encourages me to be the best that I can be? Who do I admire for how he/she makes decisions in his/her own life? Who will listen to me so that I can sort things out as I’m telling my story?  Who will text just to ask me how I’m doing?

The dream comes when you have someone to connect with and ask how you are doing on your journey. Your personal and professional growth is much more effective when you include someone in that discovery process.

Telling your story and having someone’s support are crucial elements for building momentum for change. Change is definitely easier to make when you have someone on your side who knows you and has been involved in supporting you during your transition.

How To

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