How To Stay So That You Don’t Have to Leave Your Job

Often times, clients are reluctant to seek career guidance because deep down, they really don’t want to leave their jobs. Or they are afraid that an assessment will tell them they are in the wrong field and need to make an abrupt change. But neither is the case.

Even if you are feeling stressed at work, you may not have to leave in order to feel better.

The first step is to find out why. Write it down. Talk it out. Figure out what the source of your frustration is at work.

It could be that you are trying to be or do something that is not how you naturally think, act and respond.

Maybe you and your boss have very different strengths, which can be a good thing when communicated effectively, but differences can also lead to burn out, especially when it feels like you aren’t being heard.

There are other scenarios in the work environment that can be very stressful such as a lack of organization, conflict, or a change in leadership.

Do you have to leave? It depends. Resigning doesn’t have to be the only solution.

Identifying the source of your frustration is the first step. A career consultation is the next. A career consultation is an investment in your professional development. It will identify how you naturally think, act and respond. Gaining this type of valuable insight on how you are hard-wired gives you the opportunity to evaluate your current situation. See where any changes can be made……. so that you can be your best.

A career consultation is tailored specifically to you and to your goals. It will provide insights about what you need to thrive at work. Your investment in your development shows your employer that you are highly motivated to succeed and enjoy your work, doing what you do best. At times, it means delegating tasks to someone else that are not your top strengths. Other times, it means asking for more independence on a project, relocating your office to a quieter place in the building or arranging a flexible schedule so that you can more easily accommodate the needs of your family.

So, do you have to leave? No, not if you want to stay. By knowing how you are hard-wired, you can gain a new perspective on the source of your stress. The consultation process equips you to access your situation. That way, you can make changes when possible. And, if you determine that your stress at work is caused by something that cannot be changed, then, you can use your assessment results to make decisions and formulate a plan, on your timeframe to find another opportunity.  

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