How To Discover Your Major and Avoid Student Loans

When my daughter was a toddler, we vacationed at our favorite beach in New Jersey. I looked forward to sitting in my chair, relaxing with a good book. That’s what you call an introvert. My daughter, on the other hand, from that young age was the complete opposite of me in personality. When her little feet hit the sand and saw all of the people on the beach, she was beyond excited! Believe it or not, she dropped her little chair and took off running to the nearest young child and said, “Hi! Want to play?” I never got to sit down. And my daughter always made a new friend. She is a hard-wired extrovert! 

She was born an extrovert!


As she got older, we talked a lot about what she loved to do and how that might translate into a career that she enjoyed. A friend told me about her friend who was a certified Career Direct Consultant. I contacted her immediately. My daughter took the assessment. It was a simple online test that took about an hour to complete. Then, we met with Susan, the consultant and she reviewed the results with me and my daughter. I will never forget how proud I felt hearing someone tell my daughter that she scored high in integrity, showed a strong aptitude in Business marketing and yes, confirmed that she is very strongly extroverted!

It didn’t take long until I inquired about becoming certified in this wonderful career assessment tool. I have spent many years counseling with prospective adoptive parents about how a child would impact their lives, both personally and professionally. So many to-be parents reported feeling less than satisfied with their careers. I was amazed. It broke my heart to hear how people felt stuck, and so many of them were drowning in old student loan debt.

Now, my daughter and I both have success stories to share. I’ve watched her flourish in college because she knows her career path and she is pursuing her dream with confidence. And she is working hard as a server, earning money and avoiding student loan debt. I am so happy for her, and so grateful to my friend for recommending the Career Direct Assessment to us.  Fast forward a few years, I have helped over 80 students and professionals save valuable time and money by utilizing the Career Direct Assessment. It really is an effective tool that brings more clarity and confidence.

Come to College Prep: Discover Your Major and Avoid Student Loan Debt seminar and hear our stories, along with Amanda Sharratt, my daughter’s financial coach on June 13th, 2019 at 7pm at Medina United Methodist Church in Medina, Ohio. For more information, contact me:

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