How Knowing My Strengths Helped Me Achieve My Dream

A few years ago, I was feeling really stressed and overwhelmed. I was a new mom, trying to transition out of working in the corporate world, and I was starting my own business as a Financial Coach! Talk about a lot of change all at once!

Amanda kissing her sweet little baby up in the air
Amanda Sharratt pictured in her daughter’s nursery, kissing her on the cheek and smiling

I knew I had a lot going on but I couldn’t figure out what needed to change. Then, I met Stacy and she told me what she did as a Career Coach and how she uses the Career Direct Assessment. I was intrigued!

How The Career Direct Assessment Helped Me

After she told me about the assessment, I wanted to take it right away! And I am so glad that I did. It helped me understand my natural strengths and abilities. It confirmed that being a Financial Coach was a good career path for me. She also helped me to discover how I could be the most successful in my day to day life!

For instance, Stacy helped me to realize that I am very extroverted. Which means that I get energy from being around people. This was a big light bulb moment for me because I realized why I was likely feeling stressed. I wasn’t around other adults very often at all. I was spending all of my time at home with my daughter or behind a computer screen doing everything to start my business.

It also helped me understand how to structure my days in order to be as productive as possible for the way I am naturally wired!

The surprising thing that it helped me with was my marriage! That’s right… my husband took the assessment too and it was a GREAT way to start a conversation about our different strengths and abilities. It got us talking about everything from parenting together, household chores, our schedules, and many other aspects of our lives.

photo of Amanda Sharratt and her husband
Amanda Sharratt and her husband

Checking Back In With My Career Direct Assessment

Recently I was taking a big step in my career and I asked Stacy to meet with me again. I was going to start studying to get my licence to be a Financial Planner. I wanted to do this because I knew it would allow me to help my Financial Coaching clients even more. However, I wanted to see how the job aligned with my natural skills.

Stacy met with me and we pulled up the Career Direct Assessment and she asked a ton of great questions to help me make this decision. She is really talented at being able to help you in an un-biased way. She looks at the assessment results, asks great questions, and gets you thinking about things you haven’t thought about before.

After our meeting, we discovered that Financial Planning was a perfect career for me based on my personality and skills. So I moved forward with studying for the test.

I have now passed my test and I am a Financial Planner! I am so grateful to Stacy for her help in this process.

The Career Direct Assessment Is For YOU

If you are reading this and wondering if the Career Direct Assessment is for you… let me tell you that YES, it is. I truly believe everyone can benefit from meeting with Stacy, taking this assessment and experiencing the Executive Consultation. It’s worth it. As much as we may think that we know ourselves well, there are things that we might not realize. Stacy is amazing at opening our eyes to the possibilities.

I will definitely turn to her in the future when big life changes come up! It’s amazing to have a tool and someone to help you in discovering if you’re on the right path!

Written by:  Amanda Sharratt, Financial Planner


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