I Needed Help Choosing My Major

How I Choose My College Major


My name is Anna. I took the Career Direct Assessment in April of 2018. I felt stuck and pretty hopeless. I needed help figuring out my college major.  I had no idea what I wanted to do.



I felt stuck!



I had just decided to change my major for the third time. I felt extremely lost on what to do next. I needed help choosing my major.  There were so many options. I needed some help finding what was best for me.



After strong encouragement from someone who had taken the assessment and done the consultation, I decided to give it a try as well. Stacy helped me understand the results of the assessment and apply it to my future career decisions.



The assessment really shows the careers you are destined to do based on your God-given personality and helps you narrow down what would be a good fit versus what would not be.



Now I feel excited about my future!



I needed help choosing my college major.  It’s been over a year since I completed the collegiate consultation with Stacy at Opportunity Knox Network.  I checked in with her recently to update her. I found a job that I really love. After completing the assessment, this was my next step: to shadow a nurse so that I could see if the career was a good fit for me. Instead, I actually got hired as a nurses’ aid. I love helping people. I look forward to going to work every day! So, now I know with 100% confidence that I want to be a nurse. I’m enrolled to begin my coursework in the spring of 2020.



Everyone says I seem happier!



Since I started working as a nurses’ aid, everyone who knows me says I seem much happier. My parents aren’t worried about me. My boyfriend is excited for me. My friends and co-workers tell me I smile all the time now. I feel secure in my future plans.



My advice to you….



If you are considering a career in nursing, find a part-time job and try it out to see how you like it.



And just know, many people will try to lessen the value that nursing aides, LPNs, and RNs bring to a facility. Every role is important and is necessary to provide care to those in need.



Content provided by Anna and posted with permission.  Photo by stem.T4L on Unsplash




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