How To Move Forward With Confidence

How to Move Forward with Confidence

Knowing how to move forward with confidence is a very valuable resource. Confidence will guide your thoughts and your thoughts guide your actions. Confidence is knowing yourself, what makes you tick, what drains your energy and what you need to thrive.

Do you know what you ideal career looks like? If yes, that is a wonderful gift. Go for it. You can do anything you set your mind to…. and  understand how your strengths and natural skills will equip you to pursue your dreams sooner rather than later. Confidence is knowing specifically what those are and how you tick. That way, you can move forward.

So, how do you think, act and respond? Are you introverted or extroverted? Do you follow a plan or do you respond in the moment? Are you focused on the task at hand or on the people around you? What are your 3 top skills? (Hint: these are things you enjoy doing and come easiest to you.) Confidence is knowing the answers to these questions and using that insight to move you forward.

Are you frustrated in your current circumstances? Do you feel stuck? If yes, you are not alone. Many choose a career path that interests them, but something is missing. But what is that “something?” It may be that you are in the right field, but the environment or the leadership isn’t exactly what you need to fully succeed. You may not need to change directions in your career. When you invest in yourself and discover what is missing, you gain confidence in your decision-making. Confidence moves you forward with less stress.

And, if you are parent of a young adult who is in the process of making decisions about his/her future plans, it is important as your relationship transitions from parent/child to adult/adult to encourage your son/daughter to take the time to learn about their strengths. Participate with them. Encourage them to know what makes them tick. That way, when they are making decisions independently, you can feel confident that they are on a path to success and fulfillment in their work.

So wondering how to move with confidence? Whether you know what your future plans are or you don’t have any idea, investing in yourself begins with self-discovery. An excellent tool is the Career Direct Assessment which does 4 things:

  1. quantifies your personality strengths and provides a detailed description of how you naturally think, act and respond.
  2. identifies your top 8 vocational interests based on what you enjoy most.
  3. defines your top 4 most marketable and enjoyable skills.
  4. aligns your work values and life goals

When you put all four of these elements together, you gain confidence because you have a mental checklist of everything YOU need to succeed in your career.

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