Tips for College Success: Riley’s Success Story

In this 30 minute video, Stacy Knox introduces her daughter, Riley and Amanda Sharratt, Financial Planner to share their tips for college success, based on Riley’s experiences as a college student.

Riley took a career assessment as a high school senior which helped her to gain confidence and clarity in pursuing a career path that fit her personality skills and interests. Before Riley left home, she agreed to meet with Amanda, a friend of Stacy’s, who educated Riley on saving, spending, debt and how to maximize her money, time and resources as a college student.

Amanda also shares her story of how she and husband paid off his college debt of $140,000 in 3 1/2 years. Click to read more and see their “debt-free scream” on the Dave Ramsey Show.

Stacy, Riley and Amanda wanted to share this real-life success story to help other parents and students feel more prepared for college success.

Stacy Knox is a Certified Career Direct Consultant and Licensed Professional Counselor. She founded Opportunity Knox Network and is passionate about equipping influencers for career success and personal fulfillment.

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